How to setup canon ijsetup printer via or

In this article I will tell you how to setup canon printer with USB and Wireless connection via or Printers are our daily requirement devices which we use in home, office and school work, it is very easy to purchase printer online or from store but it is very difficult to install or setup new printer. If you do not have printer installation disc or CD then its just next to impossible to setup your new printer, in this article I covered canon printer installation without disc or CD with the help of website to download canon printer latest drivers, updates and firmware. I have approx. 7+ years’ experience in technology and I love to troubleshoot computer and attached peripherals related problems with it. In start I faced lots of difficulties to fix computer issues and then day by day I improved myself and now I can fix almost all the computer software related problems., canon ijsetup,
When we talk about Canon printers, Canon is one of the best printer brand with Canon printer you will get driver disc if your computer do not have CD drive then you may need to download canon printer drivers by visiting http canon com ijsetup. is official website to download all kind of canon wireless and USB printers for all operating systems windows and Mac computers. Canon printers are used commercial and home purposes; it is very affordable and reliable printer.
There are two ways to install canon printer first is via USB cable and second is wireless printer setup. Here we will tell you both ways to setup canon printer on Windows computer.

Steps to setup canon printer with USB cable.

First you need to unpack your printer to install cartridge and connect to computer with USB cable after that turn ON the printer, it will install drivers automatically and your printer is ready to use. If drivers not installed automatically you need to visit and then choose your printer model written in front of printer like “Pixma MG 490” it will automatically select your operation system you just need to download setup file. Once setup downloaded you need to run that setup, during setup it will ask to reconnect USB cable you need to do that. Once setup completed it will align the print head after that your setup completed now you enjoy printing. On desktop computer you can only install printers with USB as desktop don’t have wireless card but you can install it additionally.

Instructions to setup canon printer via wireless connection.

Once you install your printer with installing cartridges than you need to turn it on, when your printer turns on go to computer. On computer you need to visit website to select model number for your printer as given on your printer and hit download button. Afterwards you need to open downloaded setup file and hot next you will get option via USB or Wireless, you need to select wireless installation option. In between you will get notification to press and hold WPS button on your wireless router, you need to hold that button for 5 seconds and then press OK button on your printer within 2 minutes. If you are not able to locate WPS button you need to select other setup option, in which you will get instructions to do manual settings on your printer, afterwards your printer will connected and working. If you are not that tech savvy to do this all there is one more option for you which is connect wireless printer with USB, in that you need to connect your printer with USB cable. Now select the option install wireless printer with USB, in which you will get your WIFI network list on your computer screen and you need to select your WIFI and enter password. Now it will connect your printer with WIFI and your can printer from any device like phone, tablet, Ipad computer ETC. On your gadgets you need to install Canon selphy software to get printouts, hope this will clear all your doubts in installing canon wireless printer with USB and wireless.
Above all the steps will help you to setup canon all models printers with your computer via USB and wireless connection if you still have any query you may visit below links. Canon printers are used on other gadgets as well like phone, tablet and I-pads via wireless connection. Below I will give you instructions about setup canon printer on your IPad. My motto is just to solve all your daily basic problems which you all are facing with your computers and connected peripherals, in my next articles I will cover more basic problems related to technology with their solutions so you all will fix your issues by yourself. If you like my articles your comment and query always welcome and in future I will start YouTube channel as well to help you out.

Help to setup Canon printer with IPad.

To install and setup Canon printer with your IPad you need to install Canon mobile printing APP which is available in “App Store”, you just need to download this app and configure your canon printer on your IPad.
Below are the features of Canon mobile printing app
• Fast and simply set paper sizes.
• Print up to 20 images once.
• Start the camera and print a photograph you just clicked.
• View and print website pages.
• You can reinvent the original layout of a Microsoft Office file by modifying the layout with the Data Alteration Service on the internet.
• Organize thorough print sites such as color mode, number of pages, and 2-sided printing.
• Accomplish secure printing that needs a user name and password when print.
• Spontaneously detect printers on a net, or search manually by specifying the IP address.
• Collection print data in multi-function printers and printers (not supported by all model of canon printers).
Hope now you all will know steps to setup canon USB and wireless printers on computers and I Pads.

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